Paddington Fitness & Wellbeing Centre

The Paddington Fitness & Wellbeing Centre offers an innovative approach to your health and fitness.

If you’ve belonged to a traditional health club before, you might have felt a bit underwhelmed by the general level of facilities and service available after you’d signed up.

But we’re not interested in just getting you to sign up and then ignoring you. Our aim is to improve your wellbeing for the long-term by helping you to actively take control of your health. And we do this by offering a combination of fitness facilities, health services and expert staff.


  • Fully-equipped modern gym
  • 20m swimming pool
  • 65 fitness classes per week
  • Sauna and steam
  • Physiotherapy clinic
  • Complimentary towels


  • Personal training
  • Sports massage therapist
  • Wellbeing advisors
  • Power plate
  • Health events and seminars
  • B2B health awareness events
  • Corporate trial days

For more information about the Paddington Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, visit our website.