Q.Where do I get changed?
A. The Changing Village and Changing Rooms 7&8 can be used for the Swim Starz, 7&8 are accessed in the Changing Village on the Right hand side.

Q.Can I view my child’s lesson?
A.All teaching pool lessons can be viewed from our comfortable viewing and vending area, lessons in the Main Pool and Training pool can be viewed from the poolside.

Q.What happens after the 10 week period of lessons?
A. If paying by Direct Debit your child will automatically be enrolled a place on the next 10 week block. Pay as you lessons must be paid prior to the new 10 week block starting, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Q.Does my child get a certificate after every 10 week period?
A.Your child will be assessed throughout the course and must meet the criteria to pass the National Plan level to be awarded a certificate. We carry out on-going assessment throughout and also offer other awards for other disciplines such as distance and stroke technique. So if your child does not pass the level they may still receive a certificate. (Swim England Awards cost £2.50 and are available from reception).

Q.Do I need to provide my own armbands?
A.We will provide all swimming aids to assist your children with the lesson.