Our swimming year is divided into four 12 week terms (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) including school holidays but excluding Bank Holidays:

Aqua Starz & Swim Starz: Stages 1 & 2, 30 minute lessons £51.00 per term
Swim Starz: Stages 3 – 7, 45 minute lessons £66.00 per term
Rookie Lifeguards: 45 minute lessons £75.00 per term

A Direct Debit facility is available to help you spread the cost into manageable monthly payments.

Assessments: Please speak to our reception team to book a swim assessment with one of our Swim Starz Teachers. The teacher will identify the most suitable stage for your child (based on age/ability).
Application: Once we have identified an appropriate stage for your child our reception team will check class availability and help you enrol on to the Swim Starz programme. You will be asked to complete an application form which will be held on record at the centre.
Enrolments: New swimmers can enrol onto the Swim Starz programme at any time during the week preceding a term, up to and including week 9 of each term. Subject to class availability.
Waiting list: If we are unable to offer a suitable class immediately you can place your child onto our waiting list and our reception team will contact you when spaces become available.
Progression: Swimmers who successfully complete the outcomes for a stage will be given an award slip by their teacher.
Awards: Certificates and Badges can be purchased from reception.
Continuing through the terms: We programme a three week enrolment period from week 10 to week 12 for our existing customers.
Paying by Direct Debit: Customers who pay by Direct Debit will be automatically enrolled onto the next term.
Paying on a Term by Term basis: Existing swimmers paying for the term as a single payment can enrol for the next term during the last two weeks of each term (week 11 and 12). Subject to class availability.

Customers are reminded that places are limited and enrolments will be based on a first come first served basis.



• All our Swimming Teachers hold a current Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) qualification in Teaching Aquatics and follow the ASA guidelines for teaching swimming.
• Our teachers undertake on-going training and keep up to date with the latest techniques and teaching methods.
• The ASA recommends that pupils are prepared for all aquatics disciplines and must develop skills that will ultimately lead to competence in lifesaving, water safety, synchronised swimming, water polo as well as the traditional swimming stroke technique.
• Stroke techniques are not included in the early NPTS stages and teachers will concentrate primarily on developing water confidence and the fundamental aquatic skills including; entries, independent movement, balance, buoyancy and co-ordination.
• Teachers will use a variety of delivery methods including peer learning, guided discovery and learning through play. Our teachers will occasionally teach from within the pool to demonstrate techniques and offer support.
Note: Progression in swimming can seem slow. Offering your child additional practice opportunities between lessons will help your child progress.